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Investment Opportunities
Banks with their myopic eye may view a industry as sick or Non Performing. But these could be gold mines and that Golden Goose that can give you golden eggs all the time. All you need is expert assistance to identify the golden opportunities.

Investing in so called Non Performing Assets, sick units and stressed accounts is a great investment opppotunity with mind boggling dimensions. Why settle for mundane and low return schemes when dar ke agee jeet hai??

While your investment can be secured by anumber of means, you can also expect handsome returns and fixed exit policy as well.

Team BankDRT will help you not only identify an investment opportunity that suits your temperment, but also provides you with end to end solutions to see that your interests are well protected.

Interested? Contact us. We will help you out.

Some of Investment Opportunities are listed below. Click on the link to see full details. In case you like the opportunity or need any further inputs and clarifications please feel free to revert back to us :-
   Showing Opportunities from 1 to 2
  • Short term hand loan against 400 % collateral against handsome returns
      Short term hand loan of Rs. 20 lakhs  is being sought agaisnt mortgage of a land worth more than Rs. 78 lakhs (market value).  The seeker is located at Hyderabad and the land is situated at Tirupati in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh respectively.  The land is absolutely free from all encumbrances and no claim rests agasint the land. The short term hand loan is being sought to retire other mortgaged assets and sell them in the open market at market rates.  The loan period could between 30 days to 180 days, extendable against appropraite penal clauses.  
      If interested revert back with ID=  IO20160807001
  • Invest 1 Cr and get 37% pa yield against 300% collateral !!

      Opportunity for short term investment in a on going full fledged running premium garment manufacturing unit at Bangalore with  complete security.

    1. Are you are looking for an investment opportunity but do not know how to go about it ?? Send us your full details and we shall try to address your interests.

    2. If you have an investment plan and would like to meet interested enterprenuers, Let's discuss. We will help you get in touch with right people.

    3. If you can't take a decision on investment opportunities, get in touch with us. We will help you understand the nuances of making investments within the parameters of your concerns and expectations. We will tailor make an investment opportunity which takes care of your interests.

    4. You don't have to be a corepati to invest in high value assets and look for high returns. Even small amounts can be invested with good ROI + exit policy. For more assistance/ information do feel free to call us up. OR better still, post your message NOW. We shall revert back to you.

    5. If you are an Investment Consultant/ Property Dealer/M&A Advisor we can work togather to help your clients. Let's talk

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