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  • Flat - Residential at

    Lot 3:- Flat No. TF 12, Type A, Vaka Mauja No 190, M/s Climb Paradise admeasuring total 731.00 sq. feet bearing khewat no. 1168 Khatauni no. 1373, Khasra no. 75/5(8-0) of 1/320 share i.e 0K-01/2M Tehsil Naraingarh, Distt Ambala registered vide Sale Deed No. 767 dated 30.06.2017 in the name of Ms. Bharti Mehta W/o Ashok Mehta.

  • Building - Apartment at

    District : Kanyakumari Regn. District : Kanyakumari Regn. Sub-District : Joint 1 Kanyakumari Taluk : Agastheeswaram Village : Vadiveeswaram Survey No R.S.No.9999/S9/15 Area and description: Building bearing door no.N.M.C.18/55 and its site of 13.250 cents comprised in R.S.No.9999/S9/15 of Vadiveeswaram Village Boundaries: East : Property of Ahamed Sahib, South : Road West : Property of Abdul Kadhar umma and others North : Property belonged to Kottar Village.

  • Plot - Residential at

    All part and parcel of Plot.No.60 situated at Nilkanth Residency, admeasuring 86.33 Sq. Feet. On Revenue Survey No 273/A Tantithaiya, TalPalsana, Surat, Gujarat -394305

  • Plot - Residential at

    All part and parcel of Khasra No. 2290/4 (Part of 2290/1) & Plot no. 121 situated at Mouza-Kohka, Farid Nagar, Ward 08, inside part of Ayyapa Nagar, Ayappa Nagar, Durg, Chhattisgarh, 490001 Area : 1500 sq. ft.

  • Land - Agricultural at

    All that piece and parcel of land and building eastern side portion D part measuring 1153.25 sq ft., out of 2306.5 sq ft and building in total property bearing old Door no 595/A New no 23/5, Raghavachari street, presently Raghavan Street Perambur chennai 600011 suituated at Siruvallur village comprised in survey no 3/8 T.S No 21 Block no 12, Plot no 57 and 57-A Range III corporation Division No 28 admeasuring about 3

    Ground 720 sq ft and old door no 95/A Door No 5, New Door no 23/5 Raghavachari Street presently Raghavan Street perambur chennai-600011 comprised in survey no 3/28 New no 7/1 patta No 17, T.S no 21 

    block no 12 plots no's 25 and 26 Range III Corporation Division 28 admeasuring about 2400 sq ft and 3510 sq ft total measuring 5910 sq ft , in  all total measuring extent of 1153.25 sq ft out of 2306.50 sq ft in the eastern portion within the registration district of North chennai and sub registration district of sembium 

    Boundaries north by Raghavachari street presently Raghavan street, East by vacant land and property mentioned as E part, south by property allotted to Germina margrt heldt@ Germie mentioned as C part and part mentioned as E part

    west by property belongs to Srinivasn 

    measurement  North by 29feet and 91/4 inches East by 39 feet and 3 inches + 8feet and 53/4 inches

    south by 13 feet and 1/2 inches + 11 feet and 61/4 inches west by 47 feet and 4/1/2 inches 

  • Land + Building at

    All that piece and parcel of land and Building bearing Plot No.4/1267 A1 J.J.Nagar, west comprised in S.No.24 part of Nolambur Village measuring an extent on Nil Ground and 0390 Sq.ft and thereabouts bounded as follows

    North by : 16 Feet Road

    South by : Plot No.4/1270, East by : Plot No.4/1268, West by : Plot No.4/1266, Measuring on the North by : 13 Feet Nil Inches, South by : 13 Feet Nil Inches, East by : 30 Feet Nil Inches, West by : 30 Feet Nil Inches , In all measuring an extent of Nil Ground and 0390 Sq.ft., and having a Built up area of 566 Sq.ft., (Proposed GF 283 Sq.ft + FF 283 Sq.ft) and situated within the Registration District of North Chennai and Sub- Registration District of Konnur.

  • Plot - Residential at
    property -1
    Schedule -A 
    All that piece and parcel of land bearing plot no 27 seven hills nagar
    Kundrathur chennai-69 comprised in old S No 74/2 patta no 5926 as per
    patta new S No 74/2A2 measuring an extent of 1800 sq ft situated at
    kundrathur village previously sriperumbudur taluk now pallavaram taluk
    kancheepuram District and  bounded on the 
    North by plot no 16 & 17
    South by 24 feet road
    East by plot no 26
    West by Plot no 28 
    East to west on the Northern side :30 feet
    East to west on the southern side 30 feet
    North to south on the Eastern side 60 feet
    North to south on the western side 60 feet
    lying with the registraton district kundrathur 
    Schedule B
    900 sq ft of UDS of land int he schedule B property 
    Schedule -C
    A flat bearing flat no F1  having plinth area of 1947 sq ft in the first
    floor of the building known as CC Deepam together with Two car parkings in the
    schedule B property

  • Flat - Residential at
    All that piece and parcel of land along with building constructed thereon
    in revenue S No 1132/P city survey No 431/1/P  Sheet No 16 Flat No 101 
    admeasuring 46,8717 sq mtrs is situated at the first floor plot no 65
    scheme known as Sitaram Residency near water works land known as
    Fulwadi Taluk Vallbhipur District Bhavnagar and bounded as under
    East flat no 103
    west flat no 102
    North Staircase Lift and open passage
    South open space 

  • Vacant Site at

    All that part and parcel of the property bearing Site No. 145, Admeasuring 1200 Sq.Ft, S.N. 143/3, Nisagara Paradise Project, Manuganahalli Village, Bilikere Hobli, Hunsur Taluk, Hunsur, Mysore, 570008, Karnataka

  • Plot - Residential at

    All that part and parcel of the property bearing Part of Kh. No- 174/32, 175/32, Mowa, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Ward No-27, P.C. No109, R.I. C.- Raipur -1, Raipur, Tehsil & Distt - Raipur (C. G.). (Area: 1500 Sq. ft.)

  • at

    Equitable Mortgage of one office premises Bearing No.118, Super built up area of 575 sq. ft. on first floor of the building known as Ashiana Trade Centre in the name of M/s Oracle Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

  • Factory - Building at

    Factory land and building measuring 1 Kanal 17.75 Marla G.T Road opp ABM Solvex area of Lehra Dhurkot in the name

    of of Sh Manpreet Singh S/o Sh Major singh and Smt Rajwinder Kaur W/o Sh. Manpreet Singh Vide sale Deed no 128 dated 

    16-04-2014 and 3225 dated 21-02-2014 

  • Plot - Residential at

    All that part and parcel of the property bearing No-1/6130, admeasuring 41.80 sq. mtrs., Ground Floor, Gali No. 2, part of the Khasra No. 1597/371 and 1599/372 Situated in East Rohtash Nagar, in the area of Village Sikdarpur, illaqa Shahdara, Delhi, 110032

  • Plot - Residential at

    All that part and parcel of the property bearing Vakia Shiv Nagar, Hadbast No 158, Khasra No 742/607,673/606,630/ 606,607,743/607,611/ 245,612/245,624/245, 625/246,615/245,616/ 246, Village Nagra, Jalandhar, 144001, Punjab.

  • at
    All that piece and parcel of land with building situated at cuddalore 
    registration district cuddalore joint II sub registration district
    cuddalore Taluk cuddalore Municipal Limits Thirupapuliyur Mariamman 
    Kovil Street D No 65 Assessment no 18951 ward no 5, Block No 13  T.S No 
    397 in this site measuring East west 27 ft of both sides, North south 82 ft 
    on the east and 80 ft on the west total extent is 2187 sq ft, together
    with building consisting ground floor measuring 2140 sq ft. with S C No 
    299 Municipal water tap connection in TS No 3997/1, 0.0212.0 sq Mtr,
    situated within the following boundaries:
    On the North Shanmuga chettiar House and Thottam
    On the South of Road
    On the west of Panjanathan House
    On the East of sundarajan House
    The above mentioned property has got all mamool and ease mentary rights

  • Land + Building at
    All that piece and parcel of land with building situated at cuddalore
    Registration District Cuddalore Joint II Sub Registration District,
    Cuddalore Taluk, Thiruppapuliyur Village, Vandipalayam Hamlet at 
    Vandipalayam Co-opeartive colony comprised in T.S No 1300/2 ward no 3
    Block no 33, in which measuring an extent of East -West 37 ft north
    south 50 ft total extent 1850 sq ft together with building consisting
    ground floor measuring 1250 sq ft and first floor measuring 725 sq ft
    plot no 17 present plot no 19 and boundaries as follows:
    On the north by 25 ft lay-out road
    on the south by plot no 18
    on the west by plot no 16 & 15
    on the East by plot no 20

  • Land + Building at

    All that piece and parcel of land with buidlign bearing D No 111/32 kottabomman street comprsed in Grama Natham Survey

    no 183/3A part new survey no 266/11 peerkankaranai village tambaram taluk kancheepuram district bounded on the

    North by kottabomman street 

    south by saravana Gas Company

    East by property belonging to babitha

    West by property belonging to Munusamy


    Measuring on the northern side 44ft on the southern side 44ft on the Eastern side 60ft  on the western side 60ft in all

    2640 sq ft of land within the sub registration district of Tambaram





  • Plot - Residential at

    All that S No CTS no 93/2 Laxmi Road Budhwarpet Pune ( MS) admeasuring 3813 sq feet built up area with

    total carpet area 12192.32 sq feet being  commercial complex with existing tenants in tenanted premises eviction of which solely lies with the bidder wwithout any prejudice to the bank and is bounded as follows 

    on the North Laxmi Rd

    on the East -Poonam collection/CTS

    No the west -Poonam Selection/CTS  No 93/2 A

    on the south -CTS no 87



  • at
    The Cinema House/Theatre Known as joker cinema admeasuring 12000 sq.feet built
    Up including seven nos of car parking constructed on the property bearing 
    survey no 278 part and survey no 270 (part) of Mauza-kalyan and bearing CT
    survey no 1721, admeasuring 2508.24 sq mtrs within the limits of kalyan Dombivili
    Muncipal corporation 

  • Flat - Residential at
    Flat no B-303 3rd floor B wing  Sea Mist of Charkop Shree Gajanan CHS Ltd plot
    no 03 road no RSC -25 sector no 08 survey no 41 of village charkop kandivali ( W)
    Mumbai -400067 in the name of Mrs Sivagami Sundari Devanand & Mr Devanand
    Balsubramanium ( admeasuring 1108.22 sq ft carpet 

  • Commercial Property at
    2) Commercial warehouse D-04 (Godown) on Ground Floor Building D Balaji 
    plaza plot bearing S No 37/1  37/2 37/5, 38,39/2A 39/2B,39 at village
    usatane  Usatanekalyan Road Taluk Ambernath Thane in the name of Mr Dhawal
    jawarmal chandan admeasuring 133 sq ft 

  • Commercial Property at
    3) Commercial ware house D-05 Godwan on Fround Floor Building D Balaji plaza 
    plot bearing S No 37/1, 37/2 37/5,38, 39/2A 39/2B, 39/at village Usatane
    Usatanekalyan Road Taluka Ambernath Thane in the name of Mr Dhanwal
    Jawarmal chandan admeasuring 129 sq ft 

  • Commercial Property at
    4) Commercial ware house D-06 Godown on Ground floor Building D Balaji D Balaji
    plaza plot bearing S No 37/1, 37/2 37/5, 38, 39/2B 39 /at village usatane
    usatanekalyan Road Taluka Ambemath Thane in the name of Mr Dhawal jawarmal chandan
    admesuring 130 sq ft.

  • Commercial Property at
    5) Commercial warehouse D-07 Godown on ground floor building D Balaji plaza
    plot bearing  S No 37/1 37/2, 37/5 38, 39/2A 39/2A 39/2B 39/ at village 
    usatane usatanekalyan road Taluka Ambemath Thane in the name of Mr Dhawal
    jawarmal chandan admeasuring 132 sq ft

  • Commercial Property at
    6) Canteen no c-2 block No 5 Ground Floor shop cum godown complex phase
    market li sector 19 B Tubhe navi mumbai 400703 in the name of kunal
    Dhaval Chandan admeasuring 442 sq ft 

  • Flat - Residential at
    All two flats combined together as one single flat bearing no S1 & S2 admeasuring 130.58 sq mts situated on the 2nd floor of building B constructed
    in the property known as DEPOIBATA Situated at baroda within the area of Margao Municipal council surveyed in the city of Margao under chalta no 67
    of P.T Sheet no 134 situated near Pai palace Hotel Baroda Margao Salcete-Goa 

  • Flat - Residential at

    Flat No:502, Fifth Floor, Vinayaka constructions, D.No:848/1, 845/1, Door No:12-2-479/16, Block No:12, MSR township, Kothapalli Junction, Macherla Town & Muncipality, Macherla Mandal, Guntur District. Boundaries of the property North : Muncipal Road South : Property belongs to Smt.Maddigapu Yogitha East :Plot No:9,11 belongs to MSR township West : Property belongs to Smt. Maddigapu Yogitha

  • Vacant Plot at

    property no 66 Block S Lower Ground Greater Kailash-II new Delhi 110048 measuring 300 sq.yards 

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