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Workshop for Auction Participants

About Rs. 8 lakh crores has been marked as stressed assets and a large portion of which is likely to come up for sale through the banks, the Debts Recovery Tribunals or the Company Law Tribunal.

This is a golden opportunity to make good investments in stressed assets with a view to

  1. Buy properties for personal use.
  2. Go for long term investment opportunities in stressed properties.
  3. Want risk free short term investments with good returns from stressed properties.
  4. Expand business quickly by buying out stressed assets and turning it around or merging it into their existing businesses.
  5. Acquire industrial properties or MSME units for M&A or turn around business.
  6. Or any other combinations of activities through stressed assets markets including assets aggregation.

Though the opportunities are very good and operating margins could be in the range of about 80% to 120% PA (20% to 30% per assets spread over 45 to 60 days) but there are certain risk factors, which if not taken care off can lead to huge losses.

  1. They could be victim of slimy touts, brokers, property agents who promise you the moon till money reaches them and then give one excuse or another for not being able to deliver.
  2. They could be a victim of some very serious litigations which may not only lock up your investments but also drain out your resources to get back your investments.
  3. They could be a victim of bad strategic planning, or risk analysis, or due-diligence resulting in costly money getting locked up in a black hole.

The Work-shop on Auction Participants will help you take a calculated, well planned strategic and near risk free decisions.

Scope of the Workshop

    The workshop is highly intensive, one to one and fully interactive ( maximum 10 participants per workshop). It aims to equip and empower ordinary laymen and every non legal person in the field of participating in auctions being conducted by Banks and Financial Institutions. Participants, CLTs and DRTs. The participants need not have any legal background nor have attended any prior auction proceedings.

    After the Workshop participants will be able to:
    1. Understand how to locate the correct properties.
    2. Read the fine print, understand the situation, asses the risks and take intelligent decisions.
    3. Have a good idea of legal risk, legal recourses and options they have before them in auctions by Banks and FI.
    4. Analyze the risks and the Returns on investment associated with the auctions and knowledge about due-diligence.
    5. Various options to buy stressed assets

    The work shop is in totally interactive, non legal and is in simple language aimed at the general public. One need not have any legal background nor have attended any prior auction proceedings.

About the Workshop
  1. Workshop will be held in Delhi on 24-12-2017.
  2. It is a one day capsule course.
  3. Boarding & Lodging facilities can be arranged at the request of a participant at additional costs.
  4. It is designed by legal and financial experts who have worked in the field for more than 30 years.

Workshop Schedule
    - Only one day. 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM to be held on 24-12-2017 at New Delhi

Who should attend?
  1. Persons interested in buying property
  2. Investors
  3. M&A advisors
  4. Property Agents
  5. Asset Aggregators
  6. Asset Consultants/ Advisors
  7. Officers in charge of Auction
  8. Recovery agents

  1. Rs.8050/- (inclusive of all taxes, lunch, tea, snacks) + handout for continuous guidance + FREE: 30 days membership to auction data base

    Book early to avoid disappointment

    For institutional, group and bulk booking please contact our office 011-43570137, +91-9910578612 or email to info@bankdrt.com

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