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Capsule Workshop for Borrowers & Asset Owners

Scope of the Workshop
    A highly intensive, interactive and one to one workshop (maximum 10 participants only per workshop) aims to equip and empower borrowers/ asset owners on gamut of options and their procedures for getting loans resolved in the best possible manner.

Purpose of the workshop
    With highly dynamic laws relating to resolution of debts, your life and business can be wrecked off in no time.

    On the other hand, these laws have been made with the idea of ease of doing business and brining in transparency and predictability. If you are able to understand how these laws work and impact your business and life you may be able to prevent sudden chaos and turbulence.

    The Workshop aims to sensitize borrowers/ guarantors on various options available to them in resolving debt issues, cost benefit analysis of various options, time lines to be followed and procedure and methodology for various options. After the workshop the participants will be able to-
    1. Understand the laws, procedures, rules and regulations relating to resolution of Non Performing Assets or defaulted loans.
    2. Read & analyze meaning and implications of the fine prints in letters and communications from creditors, read in between the lines, understand the situation, assess the risks and take intelligent decisions.
    3. Understand the verbal and non verbal language of creditors, what to ask, how to ask, when to ask, what data to collect and how to collect data.
    4. Take a intelligent decisions on the various options open to them and benefit from the best possible way out.

About the workshop
  1. Workshop will be held in Delhi/ Mumbai/ Bangalore.
  2. It is a one day capsule course.
  3. Boarding & Lodging facilities can be arranged at the request of a participant at additional costs.
  4. Workshop has been designed by experts in the field of resolution of debts.

Workshop Schedule
    09 AM to 10 AM Registration, Welcome Drink and introduction.
    - 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM - Session 1
    - 11.00 AM to 11.15 AM : Break for Tea and Q&A
    - 11.15 AM to 01.00 PM - Session 2
    - 01.00 PM to 01.30 PM : Break for lunch
    - 01.30 PM to 03.00 PM - Session 3
    - 03.00 PM to 03.15 PM : Tea break and Q&A
    - 03.15 PM to 05.00 PM - Session No. 4
    - 05.00 PM to 06.00 PM - Session No. 5 Q&A case discussion

Who should attend?
  1. Borrowers who are having problem with the loan account
  2. Guarantors who have given their property as collateral/ guarantee for securing the loan amount.
  3. Guarantors who have given personal guarantee for repayment of any debt.
  4. Legal advisers who handle clients having banking problems

    Rs.8050/- per participant (inclusive of lunch, tea, snacks and hand outs)

    Book early to avoid disappointment only 10 participants per work shop allowed.

    For institutional, group and bulk booking please contact Mr. Aditya Bagur (+91-9910578614), Mr. Manoj Kumar (+91-8882170004), or email to info@bankdrt.com

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