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MODULE Period and Subscription Fee
1 Year
6 Months
3 Months
1 Month
Judgments 6350 4450 2600 1050
Auctions Database NA NA NA 1050
Other Debts Laws 5100 3800 2300 950
FAQs 2600 1550 900 400
RBI Notices + Gazette Notifications 2600 1550 900 400
Model and Suggested Forms 2600 1550 900 400
Regulations for Practice 2600 1550 900 400
Auction Rules and Procedure 2600 1550 900 400
Complete Site 27750 18950 12650 5100
DRT Act, DRT Rules, DRAT Rules, SRFAESI Act and Rules Complimentary for the duration of any of the above Subscription
Rest of the modules not mentioned above FREE FREE FREE FREE

    Add on Services
    These add on services may be taken in addition with subscription to any one of the main modules. These services have been so designed so as to help you save time by visiting our website only when data pertaining to your subscription has been added.

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