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Internship in BankDRT

What the past interns say about their experience in BankDRT

Mr. Rohan Nanda
KIIT Law School, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar

  • The ambience of the office is good, but there should be a separate chamber interns.
  • The concept of e-format and ITES environment of the office is new in comparison to the traditional format of the legal firms in India.
  • The project allotted to me along with live case related to deficiency of services by bank and modalities of taking it to legal redressal. This was a good type of learning experience in comparison to other internships. I also wanted to write articles for publication your website.
  • I enjoyed and had wonderful experience like going to the Karnataka High Court for curing of the defects in a case and then to the city civil court for knowing the next dates of the case, and to the DRT’s for the exchange of the documents.
  • The mentor was excellent and I learned in a week which I would take a month otherwise and it was an honour to work with Mr. A.V. Bagur

  • Mr Ruthvick E.R.
    Gujarat National Law University

  • The work environment at the firm was excellent and it was good learning experience.
  • Concept of paperless and e-0ffice was new and very helpful.
  • I researched on the topic “pre-deposit debt due for filing an appeal to DRAT” and also ambit of the word “violence” under Domestic Violence Act, with live files in both the cases.
  • Mentor had vast knowledge to guide & explain every situation. He use sit with us at conference hall and had discussion about our research works, and made us give presentation to remove fear of public speaking and gave highly helpful tips relating to topical research and also on our career. I felt very happy and fruitfulness to work under the mentor. Without mentor guidance my research work could not be get completed.

  • Ms. Raksha Kishore
    KIIT Law School, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar

  • The work environment and office ambience, seating and other facilities was conducive for good internship and corporate work culture.
  • I researched on Rule 11 of 2nd Schedule of Income Tax Act and how 3rd parties could intervene in DRT to protect their properties from auctions by banks.
  • I visited court the Delhi High Court, Tis Hazari Court and Delhi DRTs several times and for the first time came to know how to file CC application, gained hands on experience in working at different counters of various courts, visited DRT for file inspection and conducted inspection with Sir. It was a wonderful experience.

  • Ms. Priyadarshini Pattanaik
    KIIT Law School, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar

  • I liked the work environment and paper less, e- format.
  • I researched on the topic “Willful Defaulter” as per definition prescribed by the RBI and and the procedure for declaring a borrower as a willful defaulter. Though the project was very complicated but with the help of guidance of Sh AV Bagur, mentor and collogues I successfully completed the project and gave presentation. The concept of giving presentation between Delhi – Bangalore Offices in front of so many people was new and very thrilling.
  • I visited various Courts on numerous occasions and had hands on experience on how to go about working under various conditions.

  • Mr. Sahil Sharma
    KIIT Law School, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar

  • The office ambience, work culture is very good and I liked paper less, e-format and iTES environment.
  • The topic which was given to me was “Discovery and Production of Documents” under the RDDDBFI Act amongst others. I handled the topic with a live case and enjoyed the work. I visited Tis Hazari Court, Debt Recovery Tribunal during my internship and learnt with hands on experience on how to go about these Courts.
  • I would highly recommend BankDRT Delhi office to my friends for internship.
  • The mentor is having patience and ready to help you 1000 times.

  • Mr. Parth Upadhyay
    National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam

  • All the facilities provided to me as an intern were satisfactory. I would surely like to work under this environment again. I think the best part which I liked about this internship was it had a concept of paper less work where almost all the day to day activities are done online or through e-format.
  • I visited the Delhi High Court, Tis Hazaari District Courts several times and it helped me understand the court procedure and the filing of various applications like applying for CC etc.
  • I would surely recommend this internship to my friends. I would allot 25/25 marks for my internship.
  • I gave various presentations to the mentor and it was really helpful for me in improving my public speaking.
  • The sole aim of the firm is to make intern learn some substantial knowledge of the banking laws. This is what I found which makes it unique in its own way.

  • Ms. Simran
    Chanakya National Law University, Patna

  • The work environment and office ambience is very good.
  • I worked on “Banker’s Book of evidence Act” and how to examine the claim statement made by the bank. I also learned how to draft and file IA in DRT under RDDBFI Act and SARFAESI Act through a live case. I also visited Tis Hazari Court, DRT, High Court of Delhi during my internship. This helped me a lot.
  • The mentor, Sh AV Bagur was very helpful and although I am a second year student I was able to complete my work with the help of mentor and it was a new experience in handling a live file along with associated research on the subject.
  • I gave presentations during my internship; it was a very good experience which boosted a lot of confidence in me regarding public speaking.

  • Mr. Sakaar Srivastava
    Symbiosis Law School, Noida

  • The office ambience is very good as it gives opportunities for the interns to engage into debates and healthy discussions with respect to the topics of research given. I personally liked the sitting arrangement of interns.
  • The website access provided to the interns was really resourceful and I personally gained a lot from it.
  • I researched on difference between a suit for possession u/S. 39 of Specific Relief Act and u/s 39 of the CPC and how the pleadings in the two cases should be drafted. The project was very interesting and it enhanced my learning about the current status of mandatory injunction and possession suit. I successfully completed the project allotted to me.
  • The concept of giving a presentation on the researched topic/ case file to so many trained people was new to me and it helped me a lot to understand.
  • I visited Debt Recovery Tribunal, High court of Delhi and Tees Hazari district court during my internship.
  • I will recommend BankDRT to my friends who wish to learn SARFAESI Act and Banking Laws.

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