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Internship in BankDRT
Terms & Conditions
  1. BankDRT takes student internships very seriously and invests lot of time, money and energy on them. Laws relating to management of bank debts and resolution of bad debts is an emerging area of law with huge potential for practice, either as an advocate or as a consultant or to be part of law firms dealing in Corporate laws. This internship is aimed at helping the intern get an insight into this domain and take a call on choosing this field as a area of specialization.

  2. BankDRT also has a long term (180 days and above) charged internship. For this the intern must have completed LLB and be a lawyer/ advocate. An intern completing a 180 days internship in our firm is most likely to be market ready in this particular branch of law and would be confident to handle such cases.

  3. Interns can choose place of internship either at our Delhi Office or at our Bangalore Office. However, locations once chosen cannot be changed generally. On an average 4 vacancies exist at Delhi and 2 at Bangalore. In Delhi two seats are reserved for students of 8th sem and above. The firm has associates and partners in almost all major cities of the country and senior interns will be permitted to actively participate and attend cases in those cities, subject to certain logistic parameters.

  4. Our Delhi Office is at B 6 & 7, 2nd Floor, Street No. 13, Madhu Vihar, Patpargunj, IP Extention Delhi-110092. The office is located near Hassanpur Bus Depot, which is mid-way between Preet Vihar and Anand Vihar Metro stations.

  5. Our Bangalore Office is at 107-A, 29th Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560070. It is close to Yediur Lake, about 500 mts from Kanakapura bus stand, on the Kanakapura Road. It is about 1 KM from ‘South End’ as well as 4th Block bus stand.

  6. Both the offices are well connected by public transport and have adequate parking facilities. At both the places adequate PG accommodations and other facilities are available. Interns in general and outstation interns in particular are advised to carefully check out the logistics of residence/ lodging, boarding etc before choosing agreeing to internship. Interns will be required to make their own arrangements for lodging, boarding, travel etc. Use google maps to locate our offices and your logistics before applying.

  7. Office timings are from 10.00 am to 6.00 PM from Monday to Friday, and from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM on Saturdays. On Court visit days, you will have to follow time schedule with your mentor.

  8. The office premises is e-Office and less -paper Office, and fully under electronic surveillance. You will have to work entirely through PCs and electronic mode.

  9. Though the office has adequate PCs, every intern is expected to bring his/her own lap top and would be provided access to firm's web site/ servers/ data bases within certain security and office protocol parameters.

  10. The office follows a liberal, informal and intellectual work culture, but at the same time requires Interns to follow proper decorum in addition to not smoking, chewing tobacco etc and consuming in-admissible drinks and/or other such items within the percents of the office. You will also not be allowed to access certain web sites and/or services during the office hours.

  11. Dress code will be court formals from Monday to Friday and civil formals on Saturdays.

  12. The internship will be structured depending upon the semester in which the interns are studying. As the number of seats available at either of the two locations is restricted to a maximum of four Interns only, the internship is allotted on first come first served basis. Internships at BankDRT is a serious, 100% full time and hands on affair. Please do not apply if you are not serious and/or looking at it as a 'stop-gap arrangement'.

  13. Intern will be required to give at least two presentations during their internship (30 days) and will be encouraged at public speaking, addressing audiences, using methods like PPT, graphs, charts, briefs etc.

  14. BankDRT is active member of legal aid clinics and legal awareness camps. Interns in general and senior interns in particular are encouraged to participate in such clinic/ camp if organized during the internship period.

  15. Interns are not given any stipend/ salary/ compensation, TA/DA for the internship work/period. However senior interns performing exceptional work may be given ex-gratia payment subject to discretion of the firm.

  16. Cost incurred during training/ internship such as file inspection, certified copy application and any other cost towards training will not be reimbursed by the firm.

  17. Senior interns doing exceptionally well can opt for extended internship on domain subject, or short term jobs and/or be shortlisted for internship cum job offer subject to mutual agreement.

  18. BankDRT takes great pride in the interns and its Internship scheme and invests lot of time and money on giving fruitful and practical inputs. Please do not apply for internship and/or accept internship offer or block internship seat if you do not have serious intention for joining, working hard and completing the internship. Interns blocking /accepting internship and not turning up and/or not completing the internship without adequate reasons will be permanently barred from future internship in the firm and would also be reported to College placement Officer.

  19. Data Integrity Undertaking:
    1. That I will not bring pen drives, magnetic devices, data transfer devices, or copying devices to office and copy data on to them for whatever reason;

    2. That I will not bring pen drives, magnetic devices, or copying devices to office and up-load data or virus, or Trojan or any other self replicating programs and or other soft-wares considered generically as 'virus' either to the systems, or servers or to any remote site whatsoever.

    3. That I will not bring pen drives, magnetic devices, or copying devices to office and upload to either to the systems, or servers or to any remote site whatsoever any data whatsoever in any format.

    4. That I shall not open private email id on office systems and send any private emails from the office systems, or send CC of any office email to his private email id or to any unauthorized email ids.

    5. That I shall not access any web, site not authorized by the firm for any purpose whatsoever more specifically but not limited to posting, transferring or downloading data or any other activity not authorized by the firm.

    6. That I shall not keep in my private custody any data that I have come to access in this office in any capacity and shall not divulge the same to any body within the office or outside the office who has not been specifically authorized to receive the data.

    7. That I shall not disclose the login ids and passwords that may have been given to me in this office in any capacity and shall not divulge the same to any body within the office or outside the office who has not been specifically authorized to receive the data.

    8. The Intern shall fully comply with the IT Act on data confidentiality not specifically mentioned herein above.

  20. Client Confidentiality Undertaking:
    1. The Intern shall not keep in his private custody any client data that he has come to access in this office in any capacity and shall not divulge the same to any body whether within the office or outside the office who has not been specifically authorized to receive the data.

    2. The Intern shall not approach the client for any information or data or amounts or for any purpose what so ever unless specifically directed/ authorized to do so.

    3. The Intern shall not access/ store or transfer to any person or device of any client.

    4. The Intern shall not refer/advise any client, directly or indirectly, by mail, letter or gestures or inferences to visit any other law firm or advocate or other consultant or consultancy firm for any matter whatsoever.

    5. The Intern shall not advise any client, directly or indirectly, by mail, letter or gestures or inferences on any legal, financial, asset resolution or any issues whatsoever which he comes to know during debates/ discussions on the client held the in the office.

  21. Special condition for lady Interns:
    1. This office does not want to interfere in the non-professional/ private lives of the interns, however, in view of heightened safe guards needed for lady interns, especially from outstations, this office follows certain guidelines, with which the lady intern agrees to cooperate. The Delhi Office is completely under e-surveillance/ CCTV and the lady intern has no objection to the arrangement.

    2. The lady intern undertakes to survey the office, the mentor, other interns as well as office staff before undertaking internship. She agrees not to take up internship if she is not comfortable with any thing in the office.

    3. The lady Intern undertakes to make adequate arrangement for safe and secure travel between her place of residence and office and she specifically confirms of being capable of reaching office/Court by 9 AM and leaving the office by 7:30 PM.

    4. Should any contingency arise whereby she has to reach office early or leave office latter than the stipulated time, she will keep her family as well as head of the firm informed about here movements / logistics.

    5. Lady intern undertake to inform their parents/ guardians on reporting and leaving office every day, and every time any movement has to be done for visiting Courts/ Offices.

    6. The Intern undertakes to keep the office informed, in writing, of any incident/ event or practice that she is not comfortable with, within a reasonable time, not exceeding 12 hours of the event.

    7. Where any CCTV footage/ sound recordings needs to be preserved, the Intern will file a written request as soon as possible, and within 24 hours of the last event/ occasion clearly indicating the days/ date and/or time for which the CCTV footages are to be preserved.

    8. Where any statements/ affidavits etc are to be recorded of visitors to the office, or of any Intern, the aggrieved Intern will immediately intimate the superior about the same.

    9. The Intern undertakes to cooperate with the firm/ officials to file appropriate police complaint of any incident/ event which constitutes an offence within the meaning of the IPC.

    10. The lady Intern undertakes to help other lady Interns to comply with the above provisions and also to help her in any way as may be necessary in the interest of law and humanity.

  22. If you agree with the above terms and conditions of internship send your confirmation of internship by email, along with details of payment made for the commitment fee.

  23. At the time of joining the internship, Interns will have to fill up an simple internship application form along with an undertaking on data integrity and data confidentiality clause.

  24. For any assistance and/or information please feel free to contact our office on 011- 43570137, 22247128 or +91-9910578612.

  25. Interested? Apply Now.

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  6. Apply for internship in BankDRT

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